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Our meeting formats(CPP events) are adapted according to the profiles and expectations of each person.

Some are exclusively reserved for executives or for a well-defined target group depending on the theme. Voluntarily organized in a restricted committee, we speak the truth in complete confidentiality.

Other formats, on the contrary, are more open, to encourage cross-views, synergies… Events on a “human scale” so as to be at your side and to introduce you to each other.

The Main families


Business highlights

• Business without taboos
• Lunch to exchange best practices
• Business Show
• Guess who’s coming to dinner
• Apéro contacts

VIP events, out of the box

• Bol d’Air
• Special VIP evenings

Our workshops

• Short trainings according to your needs
• One expertise, one book
• Videoconferences, online debates, master classes

The circle of experts

• Conferences, insights, testimonials
• One-to-one teleconsultation

Our complementary assets

Working groups outside our events, according to the expectations expressed
Connections outside of our events throughout the year
Tailor-made services according to your needs for your company.

Business without taboos


Meet leaders of startups, SMEs, ETIs and large companies to do business. Create new bridges.

Discover the activity of companies from different sectors Find investors and new partners Seize new opportunities

Exchange with experts in finance, law…

Our international edition is designed for managers who are open to the world Discover the guest country and its business leaders Understand the codes to succeed internationally

Listen to the feedback of leaders Promote your activities to French and foreign economic actors

Identify business opportunities thanks to diplomatic representatives and international experts.

Our Contact Workshopsaim to encourage mutual aid and cooperation to help you stay on course and in your development.

Lunch to exchange best practices

Exchange best practices between peers according to predefined topics or between businesses to benchmark according to your needs

Depending on your expectations, these lunches can bring together peers from different or similar company sizes,

In all cases, from non-competitive sectors of activity. In small groups, we talk about straight, in complete confidentiality.

Business show

To cross the glances on the current events, the innovations, and the great tendencies thanks to the testimonies of companies, of atypical personalities (politicians, scientists, sportsmen, ,etc.).

Better understand today’s challenges, tomorrow’s issues, and solutions to anticipate

Learn and identify new opportunities

Guess who’s coming to dinner

In a relaxed atmosphere, meet other economic actors according to an original principle and discover from different angles a sector of activity (gastronomy, automotive industry, music, art, space planning and design…) thanks to testimonies and exchanges with very diverse economic actors of the sector.

Learn from each other

Be inspired by ideas that can be transposed into your own world

Develop your network outside your own sector of activity

Bol d’Air

This event is a unique opportunity to bring together all the participants, French and foreign, around culture, art and/or sport.
To meet outside the framework
Get to know each other better and cement relationships
Promote a heritage, leaders, talented artists and sportsmen
Be inspired by their creativity and innovation
We would like to thank the artists for their presence with their works (painters, sculptors, photographers, composers, virtuosos, singers, sound hunters, authors…), the public institutions or private companies for the loan of incredible places (the Tuileries gardens, the vineyards of Suresnes, the magnificent Art house/gallery 30mn from Paris, the Maison Dorin, the oldest house in the world of perfumes and make-up…)

VIP evening

On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations or at the approach of the summer, Connecting Pro People proposes you its VIP evenings.

Original, surprising and friendly, these evenings are an opportunityto meet, exchange and network

Meetings to strengthen ties in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

For us at Connecting Pro People, taking care of you is one of our priorities.

One expertise, one book

The “one expertise, one book” event highlights books and their authors, all managers or personalities who deal with economic news (strategy, vision, evolution…) or politics or more occasionally novels or adventures related to their profession.
The principle: During a lunch, a friendly dinner or more simply during a cocktail party, open to about thirty participants, the author executive testifies and answers questions from the audience. Often, three speakers are invited to come and present and discuss the theme of their book.
The event is aimed at executives, decision-makers and managers.
Depending on the agreements and the subjects treated, some interested students may be present.


Mini-trainings (in video or in person)
Acquire or update useful skills according to your needs (RGPD, social networks, co-development, the art of negotiation and persuasion…)
Live experience or simulation.Professional or personal development theme (audacity, surpassing oneself, performance gain…)

Experts’ Circle

Exchange ideas with renowned experts (financial, legal, international…)

By respecting our charter of commitments, each expert undertakes to meet with you during a confidential first meeting, free of charge and without obligation on your part.

Depending on the nature of your needs, one or more of our experts will provide you with an initial overview so that you can then choose the appropriate advice. You will be free to choose whether or not to continue this consultation with one of them, within the framework of a fee agreement.

Teleconsultation proposed in one to one depending on the period.

If you are a recognized expert and wish to join our circle, please contact us.

To learn more, please consult our ethical charter.

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